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G-Series UDO Libraries
Professional Archival Storage

Alliance Storage Technologies's G-Series UDO libraries are designed for customers with specific connectivity requirements, or who already have a UDO library software infrastructure. They feature the industry's most reliable architecture to ensure high data availability for business critical data archives.

The libraries are available in a broad range of configurations and can meet the archive needs of workgroups to enterprises. Capacities range from 1TB to 38TB with UDO2 technology, and up to 12 drives can be installed for maximum performance. Typical applications include digital asset management, e-mail archiving, medical imaging, storage resource management, PACs, and document imaging.

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Archive Appliance
Professional Archival Storage

Alliance Storage Technologies' Archive Appliance is specifically designed for the long-term storage of your valuable digital assets. Its unique architecture combines the performance and simplicity of network-attached RAID cache, with the longevity and authenticity of UDO to set a new standard for enterprise archival storage. Data is written to RAID disk for rapid access, and then migrated to secure UDO for long-term retention.

The Archive Appliance easily integrates with e-mail, imaging, content management, and other applications. So you can quickly deploy an archival storage strategy that meets your compliance and risk management requirements, at a very low total cost of ownership.

No matter what the size of your archive, there's an Archive Appliance for you. Storage capacities range from 1TB to over 78TB, giving you the capacity for today and the ability to grow in the future.

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UDO Drives
Professional Archival Storage

Alliance Storage Technologies' drives are engineered specifically for the demanding requirements of professional archival storage environments. Extremely high duty cycles provide you with reliable and long-term use. And rapid seek times and fast read/write speeds ensure access to your valuable archive data in seconds.

Alliance Storage Technologies offers both Internal Drives for use in automated libraries, and stand-alone Desktop Drives for small businesses and individual departments. Both models are available in first generation 30GB UDO1 and second generation 60GB UDO2 configurations.

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Archive Appliance Express
True Archival Storage at Your Desktop

Alliance Storage Technologies' Archive Appliance Express™ (AA Express) was specifically designed to meet the professional archiving needs of small- and medium-sized businesses. It combines the performance and simplicity of network-attached RAID cache with the longevity and authenticity of UDO media. With the AA Express, users can experience the same benefits of long-term archival storage previously available only in larger, more expensive systems.

The AA Express is available in both rackmount and desktop versions. It comes standard with 170GB of RAID cache and one UDO2 drive.

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UDO Media
Flexible Archive Solutions

Alliance Storage Technologies' UDO media give you the flexibility to meet today's diverse archive requirements. The media are available in Rewritable and two different WORM (Write Once Read Many) formats. All three formats are offered in 30GB UDO1 and 60GB UDO2 capacities.

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