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Nova Professional Series
The Nova professional Series RAID system implement next generation 8Gb FC RAID 6Gb SAS RAID technology with balanced performance, hybrid interface and rich features, make it a great fit for high performance demanding digital content creating and Enterprise virtualization environments.

The of Nova series Features with 1.2GHz IOP with single upgradable & dual Redundant Controllers. The 2U/3U/4U compact rackmount enclosure hold 12/16/24 x SSD, SAS or SATA drives, and protect all data by RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 6,10. With friendly Graphic User Interface, quick setup procedure would help the non technical users to configure a basic storage setup in less than 5 steps. Moreover, the storage capacity can be scalable by connecting through mini SAS expander to JBOD enclosure.

Nova professional series is the best SAN ready storage solution tailored for multi-streams, multi-clients, uncompressed SD/HD/2K real time production workflow. The high I/O performance and high capacity scalability, would allow managing highly redundancy and provisioning virtualization environment, for mid to large organization on-line data access and backup.


Nova Entry Series
The Nova Entry series is rich in features and has impressive performance which makes it an ideal solution for Video Surveillance applications as well as data management for small to medium businesses.

Featuring the same 1.2GHz IOP as the Nova Professional series, the base Nova Entry comes with 6Gb SAS x 2 channels, single controller configuration. The rackmount enclosures hold 12/16/24 x SAS or SATA drives, and protects all data by RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10. The friendly Graphic User Interface and quick setup procedure will enable non-technical users to configure a basic storage setup in just 5 simple steps. The storage capacity can be scaled by connecting through a mini SAS expander to a JBOD enclosure.

For customers looking for cost competitive storage solutions, Nova Entry series are the right choice because of their simple yet capable features as well as the high performance and scalable capacity.


Janus II Series
The Janus II systems are specifically designed for the needs of mid to large - sized organizations with key features and benefits for Enterprise backup, Video surveillance and Digital content.

Featuring various mainstream interfaces 4Gb FC, 3Gb SAS and 1Gb iSCSI, and high performance CPU, the Janus II series offer rich choice as single upgradable and dual active-active redundant controllers configurations, flexible for DAS and SAN environment, feasible for wide ranges of mid to high-end applications.


Janus Series
The Janus series is a cost-effective solution designed for SMB and most feasible for Video Surveillance application; which looking for reliable technology, solid functionality and large capacity.

The reliable SCSI-host interface with a variety of form factors and capacities offer a cost-effective yet feature rich solution which is ideal for application requiring capacity and RAID protection. The plug and play eSATA and Firewire host interface solutions are designed for SOHO and SMB, as easy as the external HDD which people are familiar with.


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